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How Do You Know It's True Love?

So, how do you know it’s true love? For me, it’s:

1.    Their happiness is yours - You do little things for your partner like sending them their favorite food at work, giving them a massage after a long day, or simply fixing them a cup of their favorite beverage for no reason at all. You do things that please them for their sake without being told to or whatnot because it simply makes them happy.

2.     You always notice the little things – You pay more attention to the little details in your partner including his habits, preferences and food choices. Chances are, before your current partner, you never noticed these things. This is related to the first one, but you know how to make your partner’s coffee exactly the way they want it, or how they want their eggs in the morning.

3.   Being with them feels like coming home – You feel more at ease in their presence than anywhere in the world without them. Their effect on you feels like a warm hug which reassures you and comforts you like …
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Keep A True Love Burning Strong: Chase Someone Who’s Already Yours

Suppose you already found your true love (through online dating no less!), but what do you do to keep the fire burning strong? Most people think that being with people they love is already enough. However, relationships are hard work and most importantly, it requires constant effort from both parties.
Chase Them by Never Stopping Flirting You’re already with your true love but why stop all the efforts you gave during the early stages of flirting and online dating? The secret is to keep chasing them even after they are yours. This applies to both men and women as well. Consistent light-hearted flirting and sexy banter is a good way to go.
Always Compliment Once a person becomes a part of your life, it becomes easier to overlook them and this is how people lose their true love. It doesn’t always happen all the time but for those who need reminding: compliments always go a long way.

Genuine compliments are a vocal way of showing affection. It doesn’t need to be over the top. Compliments …

Is True Love Possible in Online Dating in Our Digital Age?

Gone were the days of women who could only pine for men to marry them. It was considered a scandal in olden times for women to assert their want for marriage. However, all that has changed with the advent of women’s rights and the general “almost-equality” between two genders. Today, women can openly ask for marriage just as men can. This is compounded by the fast-changing technology that makes online dating easy and convenient. 
Some articles say that online dating is the cause of skyrocketing divorce rates and broken relationships in the world. They add that the convenience of meeting people through the internet makes it just as easier to find someone new or get out of unsatisfying relationships via cheating. Couples Who Met Online Are Stronger Despite articles like these, there have been several studies saying that couples who met through online dating may have a stronger relationship or are less likely to divorce. A report posted on a scientific journal briefly explains that the r…

Statistics Proves Summer is Top Dating Season; What You Can Do to Improve Your Online Dating Success

More and more people turn to online dating in order to meet someone. A new study shows that people are more likely to log in through their dating applications or websites in the summer. The reason is that single people are more pressured to look for a partner during the holidays where it is deemed to be romantic for couples.
Additionally, the constant stream of baby pictures and weddings from massive social media networking sites like Facebook and Instagram adds to the compulsion to get into relationships. The statistics that came from a well-known dating site say that their findings suggest it is a good idea to take advantage of the summer holidays.

Tips for Online Dating this SummerInvest in Great PhotosIn the world of online dating, having great photos will make you a stand out. Think of it as an investment. To get great returns, invest in having high-resolution images taken of yourself. Make sure your photos in your profile are a mix of head and body shots to give prospects a chanc…